Welcome to the future of rowing. Race, train, and visualise in a stunning studio which extends reality and drives performance.
Rowcave at the Head of the Charles 2022
21st to 23rd October 2022.

Rowcave Ambassador Will Satch introduces Rowcave at the Head of the Charles

Rowcave is proud to have launched at Head of the Charles 2022. For the event, Rowcave has created the Charles River course, replicating boat houses, foliage, apartment buildings and more.

In partnership with RP3 Rowing, Rowcave provided a warm-up station for athletes competing across the weekend, giving them the best possible preparation for their races on the water.

We were joined by elite teams such as Leander Club, the US National Team and many more who went on to have great success at their respective events.

We also opened the the stand to other event goers, allowing them to race for the best time in teams of up to eight.

A Studio Built for Rowers
Rowcave is a bespoke, immersive, and performance-enhancing rowing studio which simulates real world conditions to extract the very best from athletes.

Through stunning wrap-around visuals, the most advanced rowing machines, and the latest in extended reality technologies, Rowcave is an evolutionary leap forward in indoor training. Rowcave has no limitations. Athletes can race, train, and practice any day, any time, whatever the conditions.

This is the future of rowing.

With Rowcave, athletes experience the world as they would on the water. Meticulously re-created courses, combined with ultra-sharp LED screens, extend reality and immerse athletes in another world. With minimal latency, the speed of the boat responds instantly to any change in rower output.

Visualisation and course experience are key to delivering results on race day. Rowcave fills your entire peripheral vision, allowing athletes to see their opponents at the start line, take in the details of the surroundings along the course, and feel the crowds’ energy at the finish line, as if they were really there.

This immersion pushes athletes to optimum levels of performance.
Coming Spring 2023
Race Opponents around the World

Rowcaves around the world can connect to one another to race at any time, with racing software certified by World Rowing.

Opponents appear alongside you in realtime, creating thrilling competitions that areas realistic as racing on the water. With its wraparound screens and state-of-the-art hardware, Rowcave lets you see and feel the presence of your opponents, replicating the adrenalin and atmosphere of race day.

All major boat classes are supported by Rowcave, with various configurations, such as boat layout and rower weight simulated by our software. Weather and time of day can also be set. Race day is no longer dependent on weather, travel or other disruptions, and athletes and coaches can focus purely on performance.

Training and Coaching

Any workout or training plan can be enhanced by Rowcave. Rowcave supports anunlimited number of rowers in train mode, and a full crew of eight rowers in race mode.

Rowcave allows coaches to integrate training plans and workouts, allowing athletesto train with the benefits of being indoors, with the experience of being on the water.

Every workout can be completed as a team or individually, with each athlete’s performance tracked in detail.

The incredible immersive world inside Rowcave makes indoor training motivating and exciting, leading to greater performance benefits.

On-the-water training, off the water

Visualisation and course experience are key to any good race performance.

Rowcave allows users to recreate thousands of race scenarios with customisable artificial opponents, controls for weather and time of day, and courses from around the world, all within a platform built bespoke for rowing.

Coaches can also set up simulated race scenarios, which allow rowers to race against a variety of strategies from opposing teams, training them to deal with the unexpected.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Gold Medal Winners - M4X
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Silver Medal Winners - M2X
smash the 250 metre record in rowcave at the TeamNL Olympic Festival
Rowcave at the TeamNL Olympic Festival
23rd July - 8th August 2021

Roy Meyer - Olympian Judoka
250 metres in 36.16 seconds

To celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Rowcave partnered with RP3, KNRB, and TeamNL to deliver a hugely popular activity at the TeamNL Olympic Festival for 2 weeks in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Over 3000 people, including over two dozen Olympian athletes, raced with Rowcave's thrilling Time Trial mode, a 250 metre sprint-to-the-line, all while racing alongside the real times of other rowers of the event. Festival goers could experience the Sea Forest Waterway course, the home of Tokyo Rowing, in stunning detail, just as the Olympic athletes have.

© Peloton Interactive. Additional subscription required.

Cross-training Enabled

Rowcave supports thousands of web apps, along with video calling, and can even act as a giant display for devices like Apple TV. Rowcave can easily become a huge collaborative space - the hub of any modern training centre. Easily share presentations, host calls with experts, or review training and racing footage on a large, high-quality canvas.

Go anywhere with rowcave's simple, wireless user interface.

Rowcave's custom user interface makes it easy to get to the features you want. Set up a race, customise time and day, and more. Or access websites and set up video calls. All built into a sleek, wireless tablet, which can be freely moved around within rowcave.

Designed for every Space

Rowcave is designed for gyms, training centres, sports studios and even private homes. All that’s required is power
and internet.

The slim walls of rowcave ensure floorspace is maximised, meaning minimal impact

on precious floor real estate. Short-throw projectors further enhance available space within rowcave, allowing for a large number of athletes at any given time.

Rowcave starts at 4.5 metres wide. At a height of under 2.8 metres as standard, Rowcave will fit most indoor spaces. For smaller ceiling heights, a compact option at 2.5 metres is available.

Rowcave's bespoke, modular, panel-based design allows you to increase the size of Rowcave as your facility develops.

Enhanced by RP3

RP3 Rowing's elite rowing machines are the perfect companion to rowcave. With incredible accuracy and response time, rowing with RP3 in rowcave is responsive and fluid, giving you the closest possible experience to rowing on the water.

RP3's rowing machines generate precise and accurate data which enables you to significantly improve the technical performance of your crew. The dynamic nature of RP3's machines results in efficient, powerful and more balanced rowing.

Rowcave integrates seamlessly with RP3's analytics platform, enabling athletes and coaches to easily view and analyse rowing data.

Find out more at RP3 Rowing

After using rowcave, I can't go back to staring at a Concept2 monitor. I'm faster and more prepared when I race on the water.

Joshua Home

Olympic Gold Medal Winner

The accuracy of rowcave is like nothing else. It gives me the instant feedback that I would expect on the water, and useful tools to enhance my training and racing.

Nulla vitae elit libero, a pharetra augue.

New York Times

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